Monster Hunter World: How to Join Friends on PC

Monster Hunter World How to Play With Friends



onster Hunter World is out now on PC and it was been quite the wait.

First released in January, Monster Hunter World has since become the best-selling game in the series showing that a western audience was ready for Monster Hunter.

Chances are that if you’ve been waiting this long then you’ve been waiting to play hunt some monsters with a friend.

You do have to progress a little further into the story to begin actually playing with friends so you’ll have to be patient.

To unlock online play you’ll need to first complete the prologue and then the Assigned Quest “Jagras of the Ancient Forest.” Once you finish up this quest you should have the option of joining an online session.

You might notice several players joining your online session meaning it is working. From there you can do a variety of things.

You could invite friends from the pause menu which will bring up your Steam friends list enabling you to invite who you want to. Alternatively you can hit Shift + Tab to bring up the Steam overlay. From there you can click on a friend and join their session.

You can also choose to copy your Session ID and send it to a friend over Discord or Steam which will allow them to join your session by copying the ID into the game at a Quest Board.

Once everyone is in the same session someone can post a quest at the quest board and you can start hunting as a group. Keep in mind several of the quests have to be done solo, especially if they’re part of the main story.

Some of these story missions are joinable through an SOS Flare. The flares allow players to come in and help you take down monsters if you’re having trouble. The game lets you know when SOS Flares are available so you’ll usually know when you can shoot one.

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