Pokemon Go Field Research Reward for September is Entei

pokemon go field research reward september


Niantic announced that the Field Research reward for September in Pokemon Go will be Entei via the in-game news feature.

The Field Research tasks will go live September 1 at 4:00 p.m. ET. The tasks will revolve around fire-type Pokemon.

To get Entei, you need to complete one Field Research task every day for seven days. You can track your progress in the Field Research section of the app. Then once you complete the seventh task, you’ll get some items and XP while also encountering Entei.

You’ll be able to use your own Pokeballs when attempting to catch Entei. You can also escape the encounter and come back at any time until you finally catch the Legendary Pokemon.

You’ll be able to catch around four to five Entei for September.

You’ll be able to catch the Field Research reward for August, Raikou, until the Field Research tasks for Entei go live.

Since Suicune is the third member of the legendary Johto Pokemon trio along with Entei and Raikou, it’s anticipated that Suicune will be the Field Research Reward for October. However that hasn’t been officially confirmed by Niantic yet.

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