Snobby Shores Treasure Map: How to Solve Fortnite Week 5 Challenge

Fortnite Treasure Map Greasy Grove

The challenges for Fortnite’s fifth week have officially unlocked, so naturally, players rushing to complete them. While many are very straightforward, there is one hidden Battle Star that players will need to locate.

In order to find this star, users will need to use a map hidden in Snobby Shores to deduce its location. Thankfully, this challenge doesn’t require you to actually find and look at the map to obtain the Battle Star.

Fortnite Battle Star

When you spawn head towards Haunted Hills in the top left corner of the island. The Battle Star is located on top of one of the crypts in the graveyard. Once you land, grab some materials and head towards the church. Facing the entrance of the church, turn left and build up to the large crypt’s roof that’s next to the church. This crypt usually has a treasure chest inside, so it’s fairly easy to find.

Remember, one of the challenges from a previous week is securing five kills in Haunted Hills. This means you might not be alone when you drop so either aim to glide down onto the crypt or play the 50 v 50 mode to ensure you’re left alone.

Since you don’t need to see the map, just go to Haunted Hills instead. There will usually be a lot of people dropping down to grab this Battle Star, so be prepared for a fight.

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