How to Hit a Golf Ball From Tee to Green in Fortnite (Updated!)

Fortnite Hole in One

Another set of challenges have been leaked for Fortnite’s Season 5 Battle Pass. Like previous weeks, there is a challenge revolving around interacting with the environment. However, unlike the clay pigeons and flame hoops, this is a pretty tricky quest to complete. In order to finish this challenge, you will need to hit five different holes in one across multiple matches.


While the challenge was originally believed to be hitting holes in one, the actual quest is far simpler. All you need to do is hit from the tee (behind the yellow markers) to the green in a single swing. You don’t need to get a hole in one, so don’t panic about being exact with your swings. Our guide below will show you the proper angle and height so you can quickly get this challenge done.

Original Guide

Currently, we do not know if Epic Games will add additional golf tees around the map, so we are going to focus on the 9 holes at Lazy Links. In order to even participate in this challenge, you will need to hit level 27 in the Battle Pass. This unlocks the ability to hit a golf ball with your pickaxe anywhere on the map. You aim by raising or lowering your crosshair which determines how high, far or close you hit the ball. The higher your crosshair the farther your shot will be so it may take a few tries to land a hole in one.

Below is a breakdown of where to stand and place your crosshair to hit a hole in one at each hole. Remember, the aiming system for the golf emote is finicky, so you’ll need to stand in the exact spot as the photos to land a hole in one. The numbers for each hole are marked by a small plaque at the beginning of each hole. Number one starts on the left of Lazy Links and nine is at the first right.

Hole One

Fortnite Hole 1

Hole Two

Fortnite Hole 2

Hole Three

Fortnite Hole 3

Hole Four

Fortnite Hole 4

Hole Five

Fortnite Hole 5

Hole Six

Fortnite Hole 6

Hole Seven

Fortnite Hole 7

Hole Eight

Fortnite Hole 8

Hole Nine

We highly recommend doing this in 50 vs 50 mode since there’s less of a chance that you’ll be gunned down trying to hit a hole in one. You only need five holes, so don’t sweat it if there are multiple people trying to get this challenge at once. Remember, you can always go into the Playground to work on your swing if you just can’t land the shots.

With some practice and a bit of luck, you should complete this Fortnite challenge in no time.

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