Fortnite: Secret Battle Star Location Week 5, Season 5

Fortnite Secret Battle Star week 5

The fifth week of Fortnite challenges in Season 5 is almost upon us and they are fairly simple this time. This means more users will be hunting the secret Battle Star down earlier than previous weeks. Thankfully, this hidden Battle Star is really easy to find and get too, especially if you are playing a big mode like 50 vs 50. Remember, you can only grab the secret Battle Star once you have finished all of the challenges for week 5. It only becomes available once they are finished, so don’t bother heading to this location until they’re done.

Despite the challenges still being locked, we can deduce the location of this Battle Star thanks to the week 5 loading screen being leaked. In the bottom left corner is a sign that shows a shack with a Battle Star on top of it. Since this isn’t tied to any specific challenge in the season so far, this is most likely the where you can find the hidden Battle Star.

To start, drop out of the bus and heads towards the racetrack north of Paradise Palms. As you glide down you should see a small diner that’s on the outskirts of this location. Look for a large, metal shack with that is surrounded in a triangle formation by plants right by the diner. On top of this will be the hidden Battle Star so either land on the shack or build up to it. It’s not a tiny structure, so you shouldn’t miss it when you’re flying down to the racetrack.

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