How to Beat The Rider Baron in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 The Rider

The latest DLC for Destiny 2 has arrived and it has players hunting down eight nefarious Fallen Barons. Forsaken tasks Guardians with avenging Cayde-6’s death by eliminating the different leaders of the undead Fallen known as the Scorn. While you can take on any of the Barons, the first one you will most likely face is Yaviks, The Rider.

(Disclaimer: This guide was written from the information we obtained during the Forsaken preview event. We will update this piece if anything has changed.)

This Scorn runs an extremely deadly gang of Pike riders who release a toxic fume behind them when they drive. In order to kill Scorn, you’re going to need to chase after him in one of his custom Pikes. However, you’re going to need to get one of these fancy rides first.

To start the mission head out of Spider’s lair and towards the building directly in front of you. Jump down to the marked garage doors and take a right. You should see an opening that leads you into the basement of the building. Kill the Fallen Guards and start the Adventure that’s lodged in the hanging Pike.

From here you will learn that you’ll need to kill three of Yaviks’ riders in order to triangulate his position. Follow your waypoint marker through the Tangled Shore until you reach the raiding party attacking The Cabal. Show the Scorn riders who’s the boss and gun them down the moment you see them. They are pretty easy to kill, just make sure The Cabal don’t interfere and trash your ride.

After this is completed, you can go find Yaviks who is waiting for you in a toxic area of the Tangled Shore. From here you will need to fight Yaviks in a Pike battle, which is easier said than done because there are explosives everywhere. Pour on the damage until The Rider retreats, but make sure to blow up any explosive barrels and kill his reinforcements. You’ll be coming back to this area, so it’s nice to have it cleared out.

When you are chasing Yaviks, do not follow directly behind him. The Rider’s Pikes leave a trail of flames that will absolutely trash your Pike. Instead, stay to his right or left to ensure that you’re not taking any extra damage. This fight will continue for three or four more instances of you damaging and chasing Yaviks. Eventually, this Baron will fall and you can claim some loot off his corpse.

During this fight, we recommend changing Pikes frequently to ensure that Yaviks doesn’t kill you. There are several abandoned Pikes by the different tunnel entrances, so consider grabbing one if your health is below 50%. Additionally, do not try to fight him on foot because he does a lot of base damage. Unless you’re hoping off to use your Super, always stay on your Pike.

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