Dead by Daylight Patch Buffs Spirit, Fixes Huntress

Dead by Daylight 2.2.1 Hotfix

The latest chapter update for Dead by Daylight introduced The Spirit and Adam Francis but also brought a slew of bugs into the game that many players complained about.

The Huntress had a bad hitbox with the last patch but the developers decided to change it back to what it was before the patch hit. Another issue was the Halloween music not playing when you select Michael Myers which was a common complaint on Reddit.

Most importantly The Spirit received a buff that makes her phasewalk power take 15 seconds to recharge instead of 20. This will make her more viable across every rank and make it less punishing to use the entire power.

Other bugs that were fixed include the pallet not stunning killers, the Clown VHS porn add-on allowing the Clown to practically speed hack and the Spirit being insta-blinded from a flashlight.

Here’s the full list of patch notes with this new hotfix:


  • Integrated the Polish community translations for 2.2.0


  • Removed the Huntress’ hatchet hitbox changes introduced with update 2.2.0. It should now function as it did prior to that update.
  • Reduced the default recharge time of the Spirit’s power from 20 seconds to 15 seconds


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Spirit to get instantly blinded with a flashlight
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused pallets to push killers without stunning them
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Halloween™ music not to play when selecting the Shape in the Loadout
  • Fixed an issue that caused triggered Hag traps not to have a terror radius
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Clown to have consistent increased movement speed when combining the VHS Porn and Smelly Inner Soles add-ons
  • Fixed an issue that caused the cooldown for the Spirit’s Yamaoka’s Haunting to be reduced when combining the Kaiun Talisman and the Katsumori Talisman add-ons
  • Fixed an issue that caused Adam and the Spirit perk descriptions to be improperly formatted in French
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Hex: Devour Hope perk to gain tokens every time a Survivor starts the unhook action (instead of upon completion of the interaction).
  • Fixed an issue that caused the duration of Yamaoka’s Haunting to last longer as a client Spirit killer in Kill Your Friends

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