Tips for Playing The Wraith in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Wraith Tips


hile most players will likely try survivor out first in Dead by Daylight there’s actually a wide variety of killers to try out and learn.

There are numerous killers in the game and that number only grows with each chapter patch. New survivors come into the game too but those are mostly just for perks while a new killer means a new playstyle to learn and master.

Whether it’s because of a Daily Ritual or something else, most players will end up playing as all of the killers at least once and nobody wants to be a complete potato when they play.

The Wraith is an OG killer but there’s a new look Wraith in town with a completely reworked kit. If you’re reading this right now that means the Wraith has been reworked and is a lot more viable now.

Here are some tips for playing Wraith in Dead by Daylight.

Travel the Map While Cloaked

This might not be that much of an eye-opener but there’s a reason The Wraith begins the match cloaked.

The Wraith moves a lot faster while cloaked and also hides his terror radius while doing so. Survivors will still be able to spot a shimmer in the air or the grass moving so you aren’t completely undetectable.

You have to come out of your cloak to hit a player so you can do that and then quickly cloak again to cover the distance and move fast again. At the end of the day, it comes down to practice on knowing when to cloak and uncloak.

Take Advantage of Windstorm

The Wraith previously only had access to windstorm through add-ons but now he has been reworked to have it included in his base kit.

Windstorm is that speed boost you get when you come out of your cloak so you can quickly close ground and get the surprise hit in.

The Wraith used to a joke due to the long uncloak and then no speed boost but that is no longer the case. The windstorm can be used to fly around a corner and catch an unsuspecting survivor waiting at a pallet or on a generator.

Use Add-Ons to Fit Your Playstyle

The Wraith rework changed up all 20 of The Wraith’s previous add-ons so there’s a lot of new stuff to look forward to with the rework.

There are add-ons that make the ringing bell silent as well as ones that will completely suppress your terror radius and red stain for a whole six seconds. If you couple those together you can have quite a powerful build on your hands.

Mess around with some of the add-ons and see what fits your playstyle.

Wraith Counters Borrowed Time & Sprint Burst

Borrowed Time is a perk many players use to pull off saves at the end of the game with the doors open. The Wraith is able to counter this as these saves only count while you’re in the terror radius.

The Wraith has no terror radius while cloaked which means that while you don’t have to flat-out camp, you don’t have to be afraid to head back to the hook while cloaked because you know Borrowed Time won’t work.

You can also bait out a survivor’s Sprint Burst if you begin uncloaking near them. You can start hitting the bell to see if they run. If they do have Sprint Burst stay cloaked and close the ground they may have gained.

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