Ahsoka & Padme Found in Battlefront 2 Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ahsoka & Padme Datamine


The day of General Grievous has finally arrived.

The feared droid general enters Star Wars Battlefront 2 today in a long-awaited update. General Grievous is available in-game for 35,000 credits and once he is unlocked he’s yours forever.

A trailer was released showing General Grievous in action along with talking about the Star Cards update. We even get our first glimpses of Geonosis and Obi-Wan in the new trailer showing these two things are certainly close to arrival.

However many fans are interested in what was found in the game’s files following the update. According to a Reddit post on r/StarWarsBattlefront, you can see Ashoka and Padme’s name in the audio files.

This doesn’t confirm anything unless it comes from DICE or EA but it’s still cool to see them at least entertaining the possibility of these two new heroes.

Star Wars Battlefront II: General Grievous – Community UpdateHunt for Jedi as General Grievous in Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II’s latest Clone Wars update, available now! Combat with four lightsabers, drop to an unsettling crawl, and overwhelm your opponents as the feared Separatist Supreme Commander. Full details on the General Grievous Update: x.ea.com/52421 Follow EA Star Wars on social: Twitter: twitter.com/EAStarWars Instagram: instagram.com/eastarwars/ Facebook:…2018-10-30T09:01:03.000Z

This datamine might actually have some legs though as a well-known leaker in the community said Ahsoka would actually be coming to the game. The leak also says Asajj Ventress will be coming too.

As one of the moderators of the subreddit said before, it’s possible these lines were recorded long ago in the vent of these heroes eventually coming to the game. It’s no secret Battlefront 2 had to change pretty much its whole business model shortly after the launch so it’s possible we lost some content in the process.

Many Clone Wars voice actors have returned to reprise the role in Battlefront 2 so it’d be cool to see Ashley Eckstein come back to voice Ahsoka again, considering how much love she has for the character.

The addition of Padme would surely mean another villain would have to enter the game. Perhaps a character such as Cad Bane would be possible. We’re uncertain when or even if this will happen so this is definitely something we’ll have to wait and see with.

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