How to Beat Ascendant Challenge 5 in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge 5

Another week of Destiny 2 challenges means players will be venturing back into the Ascendant plane for Powerful Gear. Unlike the Dreaming City, the Ascendant Challenges haven’t finished their rotation (if there is one), so this week is completely new. Thankfully, the encounter itself is relatively simple, especially if you have a good shotgun.

To start, the Ascendant Challenge is located in the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. This is the one that is literally right behind you when you first land in the Dreaming City so it should be easy to find. Head into this Lost Sector and kill all of the enemies in the first area. Once they are cleared out, take your Tincture of Queensfoil and you should see the portal floating above you to your right near the side path.

For this challenge, you will need to first traverse the floating platforms until you reach the large gazebo below. This is pretty easy, but if you’re struggling with some of the tougher jumps consider using a mobile-focused Exotic such as St0mp-EE5 or Transversive Steps. Make sure to use Toland’s light to locate the next platform otherwise you’ll end up falling to your death.

After reaching the final platform, run up to Toland to trigger the encounter. For this challenge, several Taken Blights will spawn around the room along with some Shadow Thrall and two boss Wizards. Your job is to kill the Wizards, which is pretty easy since their health pool isn’t that massive.

However, the Blights will cover the entire area so we suggest destroying a few before attempting to fight the Wizards. They will suppress you abilities and mobility, so killing the Blights is a priority. Make sure to activate your Super in a clean area, otherwise, the Blights will cancel your Super if you enter their range.

Quickly rush around the outer perimeter and pop the Blights as quickly as possible. Make sure to stay on the move otherwise the Thrall will catch up and possibly kill you. When you’ve cleared enough of the Blights, run up to the Wizards and pour on as much damage as possible.

The Blights appear to respawn if you aren’t fast enough, so if this happens just fall back and recover your health. Supers such as Blade Barrage, Hammers of Sol, and Chaos Reach are excellent for killing both the Wizards quickly. Once both Wizards are dead the challenge will end and you can collect your loot from the chest by the tree.

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