Radar Sign Locations in Fortnite: How to Solve This Week 5 Challenge

Fortnite Radar Signs

Fortnite’s fifth week of challenges have leaked online and they are going to have you driving all over the map. While one has you jumping through flaming hoops, we are going to focus on breaking the speed limit. In order to complete this challenge, you will need to record a speed of 27 or higher at five different radar signs. This is actually quite easy, but it will require you to acquire an ATK or Quadcrasher.

At the time of writing this, we only know of one radar sign on the map, but we suspect more will be added this Thursday.  We will update this list as more radar signs are discovered throughout the island.

  • H9 – On the road between the gas station and Paradise Palms
  • F7 – On the road heading west of Salty Springs
  • E3 – On the road north of Leaky Lake
  • D5 – On the northern end of the road west of Tilted Towers   
  • I7 – Middle of the road just below the race track
  • G4 – Outside the tunnel between Dusty Divot and Tomato Temple 
  • E9 – By the unnamed factory/nightclub northeast of Flush Factory

While you can reach a speed of 27 mph with a shopping cart or even by using the Chiller trap, this is way easier with a vehicle. All you need to do is zoom towards the sign and have it record at or above 27 mph. This is pretty easy so don’t dress about using boosters, although they do help a lot.

If you are looking to finish this objective quickly we suggest playing Disco Domination. Since enemies are typically concentrated in a central location, you can typically explore the surrounding areas without fear.

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