Shooting Gallery Locations: How to Solve Fortnite Week 4 Challenge

Fortnite Different Shooting Galleries

Another week of Fortnite challenges have just released upon the world, so it’s time to take to the island and solve them. Week 4’s challenges are a mixed bag, with some being extremely easy and others requiring a bit more skill to complete. One of the environment focused quests has you obtaining a score of 3 or more at five different shooting galleries.

To complete this, we recommend trying to complete this challenge in Disco Domination. Since almost all the fight focuses around the center point, you shouldn’t be bothered when hitting up different shooting galleries. Just make sure to bring an assault rifle or submachine gun – as they are the easiest to use for this challenge.

These are scattered all over the map so you’ll need to venture high and low if you want to complete this. Here are the locations of all the time trials we know about. This section will be updated as more are discovered on the island.

  • F8 – On the hill southwest of Fatal Fields
  • I2 – Below the ice cream truck on the hill outside of Risky Reels
  • H7 – On the hill south of the Retail Row Corrupted Zone (In the desert)
  • I3 – By the crashed RV in Wailing Woods
  • F5 – By the crashed truck outside of the diner in Dusty Divot

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