Fortnitemares: Fortnite’s Halloween Event Details & More


Epic Games

Over this past weekend Epic Games has been teasing Fortnitemares, a Halloween themed event that is one the way to Fortnite.

We saw this event last year but of course, that was when the game wasn’t nearly as big as it is today. Last year’s event didn’t bring any special things outside of changing the rocket launcher to a pumpkin launcher and giving us a couple of skins.

Since that event, Fortnite has turned into a finely oiled machine pumping out new updates and cosmetics weekly and bringing more players to the game every day. We expect this year’s Fortnitemares event to completely dwarf last year’s iteration.

On Saturday morning Fortnite’s official Twitter account tweeted out a teaser for the event with what appear to be lyrics or a riddle:

  • Costumes and dancing,
  • Partner up, be wise.
  • They could be friendly,
  • Or a ghoul in disguise.

The fact the first tease mentions a ghoul has led many fans to conclude the Ghoul Trooper skin is returning. We’ve already seen the return of the Skull Trooper so it wouldn’t be all that shocking to see the Ghoul Trooper come back too.

On Sunday morning another tweet came out with what appear to be more lyrics, whether they are a continuation of the previous tweet remains to be seen.

  • Tombstones quake,
  • Keep your finger steady.
  • The circle will close,
  • Better be ready.

The image included with the tweet some Sunday seem to indicate this event will coincide with the runes in some way. While the first tweet showed an unknown character the second tweet just shows a cube. One Twitter user put the two images together which makes it seems like these are just two pieces to a puzzle.

This image is a little suspect as the Fortnitemares logo switched from the top-right to the top-left in the fanmade image so it’s still uncertain if the images are actually puzzle pieces.

If these pictures do end up being a puzzle then we’re still at least two days out from the puzzle being finished and from the start of the event. We’re quickly running out of days left in October so if there is going to be a Halloween event it’ll have to start relatively soon.

Epic Games usually drops teasers like this before the start of a new season but it appears they have decided to do it for an event this time around.

As for what to actually expect from the Fortnitemares event? Epic Games has remained tight-lipped in that regard but we’ll certainly be finding out more in the near future if these daily tweets keep up.

We expect to see the return of the pumpkin rocket launcher at the very least. We can probably expect to see more Halloween skins and possibly a map overhaul with a Halloween theme in a similar vein to how Christmas was handled by Fortnite.

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