How to Unlock Purple Glow Skull Trooper Style in Fortnite

Purple Glow Skull Trooper Fortnite

One of the rarest and most requested skins in Fortnite’s history has officially released and fans are losing their minds. Dubbed the Skull Trooper, this outfit is unlockable for a limited time in the shop right now. Costing 1,200 V-Bucks, players can now purchase the Skull Trooper and add it to their collection.

However, developer Epic Games have made a few changes to celebrate this skins release. The most noticeable are alternate colors you can apply to let your Skull Trooper stand out more. While the Green Glow is available to everyone, the purple color is going to be much rarer and harder to obtain.

Currently, the Purple Glow Style is only available to people who previously bought the Skull Trooper last year. This is not an unlockable style for anyone who buys the skin during this year’s release. This has been confirmed by an Epic Games developer on the Fortnite Reddit page.  There are no challenges you can complete or amount of V-Bucks you can spend to get the Purple Glow Skull Trooper. The style is simply a reward for users who have been playing Fortnite: Battle Royale since it launched.

If you did buy Skull Trooper last year, then you will be able to change the color any time you want. Just go into your character menu, select the Skull Trooper, and then tab over to Styles. The Purple Glow should be available for you to apply.

We suspect this was the compromise that Epic Games decided to make when bringing back the Skull Trooper. Rare and unique skins have become a big talking point within the Fortnite community. Some users like to show off their rare skins, so having a Purple Glow will help distinguish them among the players that bought the returning skin.

With previous Fortnite skins such as Power Chord and the Red Knight releasing, Skull Trooper’s comeback was inevitable. We will update this post if a new way to unlock the Purple Glow is revealed, but we suspect it won’t change any time soon.

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