Helix or Dome Fossil in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee & Pikachu

Helix or Dome Fossil Pokemon Let's Go


Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee represents the first proper Pokemon game to appear on the Nintendo Switch if you aren’t counting Pokemon Quest.

While there are some changes from the original generation one the story remains largely the same which means you’ll eventually come across the Helix and Dome fossils in either version of Pokemon Let’s Go once you reach the end of Mt. Moon early in the game.

Those who haven’t played Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow before will likely spend some time deciding what fossil to pick, especially if they don’t know what the different fossils are.

These fossils will turn into Pokemon down the road and although they share pretty much the same attributes, it comes down to who you think looks better and what move set you’re looking for.

The Dome Fossil with get you Kabuto who evolves into Kabutops and the Helix Fossil gets you Omanyte who evolves into Omastar. Neither of these Pokemon will be game changing by any means so you don’t really have to worry about choosing a wrong option.

If you’re looking for purely looks you’re probably going to want Kabuto as he just looks objectively better than Omanyte. Omanyte, on the other hand, will end up learning more water moves so that’s something to keep in mind.

As for how to get these fossils to turn in Pokemon you’ll have to wait until you get to Cinnabar Island, the site of the seventh gym badge. From here there is a lab that will turn whatever fossil you chose into a Pokemon.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are out now on Nintendo Switch.

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