Pokemon Go Cresselia: Max CP & Stats

pokemon go cresselia max cp


The psychic-type Legendary Pokemon Cresselia is available now in Raid Battles until December 18 at 1:00 p.m. PST, according to Niantic.

If you managed to capture Cresselia, you may be wondering what it’s max CP and stats are. You may be even wondering if it’s worth powering up. Well look no further. Here are Cresselia’s max CP and stats according to GamePress.

Max CP at level 40: 2857
Max CP at level 20: 1633

Attack: 152
Defense: 258
Stamina: 260

Cresselia has the Quick Moves Confusion and Psycho Cut. It has the Charge Moves Aurora Beam, Moonblast and Future Sight.

In addition, here’s a handy CP chart from user CGS22393 on The Silph Road Subreddit that details which CP values indicate which IVs:

Is Cresselia worth powering up? Maybe.

Despite having a low attack stat, Cresselia has access to the strongest pair of psychic-type attacks in the game, Confusion and Future Sight. While as an attacker it’s outclassed by Alakazam and Espeon who can have the same moveset, it can still hold its own relatively well. But the main draw of Cresselia is its huge defense and stamina stats. While it can’t act as a Gym defender due to its legendary nature, it can act as a bulky counter to Pokemon like Machamp and Gengar. That being said, Lugia does Cresselia’s job better despite having a worse Quick Move because of its much higher attack and defense.

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