Bethesda Sending Out Canvas Bags to Fallout 76 CE Owners

Fallout 76 Canvas Bag Replacement

In a surprise turn of events, developer Bethesda Softworks will be sending out canvas bags to any person who owns the Collector’s Edition – also known as the Power Armor Edition – of Fallout 76. Announced on the Bethesda Support Twitter account, users can fill out a request form to get this item mailed to them.

For the unfamiliar, Bethesda found themselves in hot water following the release of Fallout 76’s Collector’s Edition. Many users were surprised to learn that the canvas bag that had been marketed with the Collector’s Edition was actually made of nylon. An uproar followed after consumers learned that similar canvas bags were handed out to influencers who attended a press event for Fallout 76.

With backlash growing, Bethesda has decided to send out canvas bags to Collector’s Edition owners. In order to redeem your bag, you must fill out a request form on Bethesda’s website by January 31. Doing so will put you on a list to obtain this item once they officially ship at an unknown time. While this doesn’t fix a lot of criticism levied at Fallout 76, it’s at least nice that Bethesda is owning up to their mistake.

If you purchased the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 we strongly recommend filling out your form and obtaining the bag promised in the advertisements.

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