Resident Evil 2 Safe House Receives a Teaser Video

resident evil 2 safe house

The remake of one of the greatest horror games of all time – Resident Evil 2 – is only a few weeks away and developer Capcom has begun teasing a special event called “Safe House.” While details are very scarce, many believe that this is going to be a real place people can go to London, England instead of content for the game.

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In the video, we hear about an antidote locked away in the Racoon City Police Department. Despite popping up in London, we suspect that the Safe Room itself will be set in Racoon City during the outbreak. For the unfamiliar, players actually get to visit this station in-game and is perhaps one of the most iconic locations in the second game.

We doubt that the safe room will tie into any content related to the game, but you may want to brush up on your Resident Evil lore before trying this escape room. There is no hard release date for this event – if it is the escape room – but we suspect it will arrive sometime near the end of January when Resident Evil 2 releases. Currently, Capcom has remained quiet about what this exactly is or any details surrounding it.

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