Where to Find the Best Loot in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Best Loot Locations

Apex Legends is the latest battle royale game to release, so it’s time to dive into this dangerous world and locate the best places to loot. Like other battle royale games, locations are broken up between named and unnamed drop zones. Named areas will almost always have more loot, but unnamed locations are a bit more remote and won’t have as much early game action.

If you are looking for the absolute best loot every game, drop at the location with the large blue circle around it. This is “high tier” loot location will always be marked on the map with a big blue circle, so make sure to look for it right when the match begins. Keep in mind, that a lot of players typically drop in this location, so be prepared for a fight.

Another great place to get good loot is the large cargo ship that flies around the map. While the ship will periodically move around the world during the match, you can actually land on the vessel at the very beginning. When you are given the option to drop, pull up your map and look for the white ship moving across the screen.

The ship is full of loot, so when you’re landing with your team we suggest breaking off right before you land. Have one person hit each side of the ship and your third go to back. This will ensure that your entire team can quickly gear up and fight those who have boarded the vessel. Also, if you are playing as Caustic, feel free to throw some gas mines as this will blanket the ship with poison.

Outside of the ship and designated high loot zone there are a few other places we’ve had a lot of success. Keep in mind, the quality of loot won’t be as consistent, but they are still solid places to drop.

  • Thunderdome
  • Skull Town
  • Hydro Damn
  • Artillery 
  • Airbase
  • Repulsor

Skull Town and Thunderdome have been the best, largely due to the sheer volume of places to search. Remember, Skull Town is very popular, so make sure your team decides to drop in a specific location. Try not to spread out if you aren’t alone, as this will make it easy for your foes to isolate and kill you.

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