Super Mario Maker 2 New Items, Enemies & Features List

super mario maker 2 new items


Super Mario Maker 2 was just announced at the Nintendo Direct presentation for February 2019, showing off new items, features and a new theme based on Super Mario 3D World.

The trailer shown in the presentation as well as the promotional art work released later on the official website showed off plenty of new items, obstacles, enemies and features for the sequel. You can see our current list below. We’ll be sure to update as we learn of new stage elements and features.

Here’s our Super Mario Maker 2 New Items, Enemies & Features List:

*Object exclusive to 3D World Style

Update (May 15, 2019): Nintendo released a Nintendo Direct presentation for the game, giving us info and updates on new features and items.


Super Bell* – The Super Bell power up from 3D World transforms Mario into Cat Mario, allowing him to scurry up walls. In 3D World, he also has a pounce attack but that hasn’t been seen yet in Super Mario Maker 2.

Parachutes – Enemies and items can descend from the sky to and fro with a parachute.

10 Coin – These big coins can be briefly seen in the trailer. It looks like they award 10 coins instead of one when collected. There are also 30 and 50 Coins.

Dry Bones Shell – Mario wears a Dry Bones shell like a pair of pants. He can float in lava with them and even play dead to avoid getting hurt.

Car* – Mario can drive a car to run over and jump on enemies at high speed. According to the promotional art work, enemies can also ride cars.

Red Yoshi – These function like regular Yoshi only they spit fire.

Rotten Mushroom – These appear during night and hurt Mario just like the poison mushrooms of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

Blocks & Obstacles

Slopes – Slopes can be dragged across to make them longer. They come in diagonal and more horizontal forms. You can also make sloped conveyor belts.

Snake Blocks – These special blocks snake in a predetermined course. The path can be set by the player by dragging the cursor up, down, left or right. Blue snake blocks are faster than green ones.

On & Off Blocks – These blocks act like switches that make some blocks solid while other blocks turn transparent. You can also use it to change platform tracks.

Super Bell Tree* – The Super Bell Tree can be climbed up and leap off of like a pole. However, their leaves can contain items like power ups.

Exclamation Mark Block* – Not to be confused with the Question Mark Block, the Exclamation Mark Block makes platform blocks form from it which can then be climbed on. The blocks extend faster when the Exclamation Mark Block is ground pounded.

Clear Warp Pipes* – Unlike regular Warp Pipes which take you to a second, separate part of the level, Clear Warp Pipes simply zip you to another part of the level section you’re already on. The trailer also shows Mario throwing a fire ball in the pipe making it come out the other side.

Teeter Totter – This platform tips when Mario stands at one end of it. It can be placed on its own or on a track.

Poison Water – First seen in New Super Mario Bros., poison water covers the entire bottom of the screen and is deadly to the touch. Poison water is exclusive to the Forest theme at night.

Crates* – Wooden, breakable boxes were seen in the promotional art work for Super Mario Maker 2. According to the Nintendo Direct presentation on Super Mario Maker 2, Crates can be thrown and can float in water or lava.

Mushroom Trampoline* – Mushroom platforms that can be bounced on like trampolines.

Swinging Claw – The Swinging Claw hangs from the ceiling> Mario can jump onto them and jump from them by building momentum. The claw can also pick up enemies.

Warp Box* – These boxes warp Mario when touched and take him to a new area.

Spike Blocks* – These blocks alternate between being spiky and safe. The can also be toggled with the On/Off block.

Blinking Block* – These blocks change from solid to not solid at a set rhythm. There are two sets of blocks that phase in and out.

Track Block* – These blocks follow whatever path you draw similar to Snake Blocks. Blue ones don’t move unless stepped on.


Twister – These enemies blow Mario and enemies upwards with a tornado.

Angry Sun – The infamous Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 is here. It will swoop down from the sky to try and tackle Mario.

Ant Trooper*Originating from Super Mario 3D World, these enemies can walk along walls, carry items and can only be defeated by a ground pound or the attacks of Cat Mario or Tanooki Mario.

Piranha Creeper*Variants of Piranha Plants from 3D World that grow in predetermined paths similar to Snake Blocks. Watch out for their spiked bodies! Blue Piranha Creepers extend and then stay motionless until Mario jumps on them.

PorcupufferFirst appearing in Super Mario World, these over-sized Cheep Cheeps have sharp spikes on their backs.

Banzai Bill – These giant Bullet Bills can go up, down, left and right from the edge of the screen. Like smaller Bullet Bills, they can be turned red to make them home in on Mario. In the 3D World style, they can also come from the background and fire toward the screen.

Boom Boom – The infamous mid boss makes his return. It can spin around like in its appearance in Super Mario 3D Land and 3D World. You can see him spring up after being stepped on in the trailer, indicating that he’ll have multiple hit points as a boss.

Icicle – Not necessarily an enemy, per se, but they do drop from the ceiling and hurt you if you step underneath them.

Stingby* – These enemies can be seen in the promotional art work. In 3D World, they stay at a set height and chase down Mario.

Cat Bullet Bill* – A Cat Bullet Bill can be seen in the promotional art work for Super Mario Maker 2. In 3D World, they lock onto and follow the player. This would make them similar to the red Bullet Bills in the original Super Mario Maker. Since there are other cat forms of enemies in 3D World, up to and including Bowser, it’s possible that the Super Bell can be used to turn enemies into their cat forms similar to how using the Super Mushroom on enemies makes them bigger.

Cat Bowser* – Bowser can also be transformed into a cat and get new abilities.

Charvaargh* – These long lava monsters leap after Mario.

Skipsqueak* – These enemies mimic the movements of Mario and can block items like Super Mushrooms.

Pom Pom* – The counterpart to Boom Boom can create clones of herself and throw shuriken.


Autoscroll – Players can make levels automatically scroll forward. They can set different waypoints for the camera to move. You can change the speed of autoscrolling. You can make scrolling stop.

Vertical sub-areas – Player can now make sub-levels that scroll vertically.

New themes – A desert, snow, forest, and sky theme have been added to the game.

Day & Night – Now only can players pick a theme and gameplay style, but they can also choose between day and night. Night offers different effects from day. Night turns the Angry Sun into a Moon that, when collided with, destroys all of the enemies currently on the screen. The night theme also makes wind blow in the desert theme, makes the ground super slippery in the snow theme, and makes the water poisonous in the forest theme.

Water Level – Water can be placed in the forest theme at a set height. Players can keep the height level or make it bob up and down at different speeds.

Super Mario 3D World Style – A new theme grants the aesthetic from Super Mario 3D World to levels. It’s possible that the Super Bell power up is exclusive to this theme, similar to how the Propeller Mushroom was exclusive to the New Super Mario Bros. U theme. According to the Nintendo Direct, whatever stage you built will be erased if you switch from one Style to the 3D World style.

Clear Conditions – You can set different goals for the player to beat before ending the level, such as defeating a number of enemies or ending a level as Super Mario instead of small Mario.

New User Interface – The stage elements appear to be organized by terrain, items, enemies and a fourth element. These sections are further divided into different circles of elements.

Story Mode – Mario is tasked with rebuilding Princess Peach’s castle. Players complete 100+ stages to get coins to pay for the repairs. As you build the castle, you can explore it and talk to the people there to play more courses.

Co-Op Creation – Two players can build a course together using two Joy-Cons.

Course World – Players can share and play through each others’ levels in the online hub world known as Course World. Players can search for different courses online using tags like “puzzle solving” and “autoscroll.” You can leave comments in the level that use premade messages, so you can do things like warn other players of a dangerous obstacle a la Dark Souls. You can play other people’s levels in the Endless Challenge, where you complete as many levels as you can before getting a game over. You can make your own profile and customize an avatar with costumes.

Network Play – You can play through levels with up to four players. You can either play the Co-Op mode where everyone works together to complete the level or play the Versus mode to try and get to the goal first. You can play levels together online or locally, though at least one person needs to be connected to the internet in local mode.

New Characters – Each player plays as a different character in Network Play. However, they don’t appear to have any special abilities.

New Sound Effects – Even more sound effects have been added, including one inspired by The Mysterious Murasame Castle.

New Music – Legendary Super Mario Composer Koji Kondo contributed new music to the game.

Thanks to Supper Mario Broth on Twitter for pointing out Cat Toadette.

Super Mario Maker 2 will release in June 2019.

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