Tetris 99: What Is the T-Spin & How Do You Use It? [VIDEOS]

Tetris 99 T-Spin

Nintendo Tetris 99 T-Spin

Tetris 99 is the new “Battle Royale” type Tetris game on Nintendo Switch. If you want to be one of the last players standing, then you might need to learn more about T-Spins, a stat category in the game.

Under stats, there are multiple types of T-Spin categories: T-Spins, T-Spin Minis, T-Spin Singles, T-Spin Doubles, T-Spin Triples, and T-Spin Total. You don’t need a T-Spin to win (I’ve made fourth place without any T-Spins), but they certainly won’t hurt.

A T-Spin isn’t a move unique to Tetris 99. It’s essentially what happens when you “spin” your Tetris block to fit it into an open space where it normally wouldn’t go. Here’s a look at what a T-Spin is:

T-Spins can be helpful in the game, but they’re tough to set up (especially the faster the game is moving.)

Here’s a look at how one player avoided losing with a double T-spin:

But if this is all still confusing to you, here’s a step-by-step on how a T-Spin works, taken from a different Tetris game, moving a bit slower:

And here’s a tutorial on how to set up a T-Spin:

So now that you know what a T-Spin is, why is it helpful? A T-Spin can help you gain an advantage over your opponents. A T-Spin single sends two lines to your target, IGN explains. A double sends four lines, and a triple sends six lines. Essentially, a T-Spin Triple is one that clears three lines when it lands, a double clears two lines, and so forth. So if you’re wanting to send out a lot of blocks at once, back-to-back T-Spins are a great way to do this. But don’t get so focused on creating them that you make a big mistake that backfires on you.

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