How to Unlock the Gambit Prime Armor in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Armor

There are a lot of new items and activities introduced with Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter. One of the coolest is the Gambit Prime armor that offers a ton of unique abilities that are tied specifically to this mode. Offering unique perks, these armor sets will force players into specific roles such as Invader or mote collector. These will be vital if you want to succeed in this new mode.

The first way to unlock Gambit Prime armor is by completing The Reckoning after depositing a Weak Mote into the bank. You can obtain a Weak Mote by depositing a Synth into the Weak Synthesizer the Drifter gives you after finishing a Gambit Prime match. What class of armor will depend on if you put an Invader, Sentry, Collector, or Reaper Synth into the machine. After you deposit your Weak Mote into the bank, jump down into the hole and complete The Reckoning.

Your second way will take a bit more time, but Gambit Prime Weekly Bounties given out by the Drifter offer Gambit Prime armor upon completion. Each bounty is different depending on what class you’re going for and you can only have one at a time so choose wisely. Once you turn int he bounty a piece of Gambit Prime armor will be yours.

Keep in mind this armor is a lower tier, so we suspect as more levels to The Reckoning are added the better the rewards become. We cannot test this theory until next week, but it would make sense given the pieces appear to have a points system that unlocks specific perks. We recommend focusing on one armor set first to ensure you can unlock some of the unique abilities tied to them in matches.

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