How to Get the Service Revolver in Destiny 2 (Season of the Drifter)

Destiny 2 Service Revolver

The Service Revolver has rocketed back into the spotlight after remaining dormant since its introduction in Season 3. Tied to Destiny 2’s Vanguard Strikes, this hand cannon is quickly making a name for itself among Crucible players. Originally tied to a static roll, the Season of the Drifter has introduced random rolls for this gun – after you spend some time unlocking it. However, if you want to add the Service Revolver to your collection you’ll need to set some time aside.

To get the random roll version of the Service Revolver into the loot pool you’ll need to complete 40 Strikes in the Vanguard Strikes playlist. Doing so will finish the Season 6: Completions Triumph tied to the weapon in Zavala’s inventory. After the 40th Strike is finished, visit Zavala and purchase the Service Revolver in his inventory. If you got the hand cannon during the previous season it should be in the loot pool already and no grinding is required. You only need to go through the 40 Strikes if you failed to obtain it when the weapon was previously available.

Now the gun will be added into the Vanguard Strike Package loot pool. After this, just start completing Strikes and Vanguard bounties until Zavala rewards you with the Service Revolver roll you want. This will take a fair amount of time, but even the roll Zavala offers is quite good. However, you can use the gun now if you managed to obtain it way back in Season 3. Just open up your Collection and purchase the gun.

Since there are two versions now, you can only buy the static roll variation and not the Service Revolver with the Season of the Drifter icon. This will take some time, so remember you have the entire season to get this gun.

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