How to Beat The Reckoning Tier 2 Boss in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Reckoning Tier 2 Boss

The second level of The Reckoning has unlocked today and that means it’s time to go slay hordes of Taken. A harder variation of this Destiny 2 PvE activity, the Tier 2 variant introduces two new layers into this mode. While you’ll be both killing enemies and defending locations, The Reckoning also throws a new boss at foes. Thankfully, beating the Tier 2 boss is quite easy if you know what to look for.

When the battle starts you’ll be transported to a dark room filled with pillars. Inside this arena, two large Hive Knights will spawn that you can damage, however, your guns won’t be effective. Instead, scatter and start searching for a glowing white enemy called The Hermit. This is your primary target. He will be in one of the room’s four corners, so make sure to call it out when you find it.

Once located, have all four players coverage on the Hermit and kill him. After he dies a white pool will spawn and give any player standing in it a temporary buff called Sundering Light. This lets you damage the Knights, so start shooting them as soon as you can. You’ll need to slay both Hive Knights to complete this room.

If the buff wears off, then you’ll need to locate another Hermit somewhere in the room and repeat the process. We suggest using Supers that are great for single target damage such as Blade Barrage or Void Bomb. It may take a few cycles, but if you’re quick and careful of the Knight’s melee this should be an easy victory.

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