How to Access the New York Bank Mission in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 New York Bank Mission

A brand new mission for Hitman 2 is just on the horizon and it’s taking players to New York. Set after the events of Hitman 2’s core campaign, the New York mission focuses on Agent 47 infiltrating a massive, old bank. Currently, under investigation, Agent 47 is tasked with infiltrating and eliminating the bank’s director. However, this mission is not available for base Hitman 2 owners, but there are a few ways you can obtain it upon release.

At the time of writing this, you can only access Hitman 2’s New York level by purchasing either the Expansion Pass, Expansion Pack 1 or the Gold Edition of the game. You can purchase the Expansion Pass for $39.99 USD and the Gold Edition for $99.99. Expansion Pack 1 is not available right now, but we suspect it will go live when the DLC drops tomorrow.

Additionally, Steam has a listing for only the New York mission, but the price has been determined. There’s also no date for when only this level is purchasable, so if you only want this mission we recommend waiting till it goes live and checking tosee if you can buy it seperately. However, if you are a bit Hitman 2 fan, you might as well get the Expansion Pass since any pieces of major content or additional levels will be tied to this.

The Hitman 2 New York level is set to release on June 25 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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