Gears 5’s Multiplayer Tech Test Start Date & Time

Gears 5 Versus Tech Test Date Time

Microsoft revealed today in a blog post when players can get their hands on Gears 5’s multiplayer technical test. Focusing solely on the PvP portion of the game, users will not get to try the popular Horde mode or the newly created Escape. Instead, this test will be a platter of different modes and content expected to release with Gears 5 on September 10.

The Gears 5 technical test is set to go live on July 19 at 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET and last until July 21. However, you can pre-download this test on July 17 to save some time when the content releases. If you miss this date, then there will be another technical test from July 26 until July 29. Remember you have to either be a member of Xbox Game Pass or have pre-ordered Gears 5 to participate. There is no way to join outside of those two options. This test is for both PC and Xbox One, so don’t fret if you pre-ordered the games via the Microsoft Store.

During the technical test, players will have access to the Bootcamp which acts as a training ground and tutorial. You’ll also be able to play in the casual Arcade mode, competitive Escalation gametype, and the fan favorite, King of the Hill. You can unlock an exclusive Tech Test banner and weapon skins which appear to carry over to the core game.

If you’ve been on the fence about Gears 5, this will be a great way to see how the multiplayer has developed and expanded. However, we still suggest you do not pre-order until more information about the campaign, Escape, and Horde mode has been released.

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