How to Complete the Divine Fragmentation in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Divine Fragmentation

A new Exotic quest for Destiny 2 has just released and it will have you investigating the Vex all around the solar system. After obtaining the quest on the Moon, you’ll be asked with analyzing Oracles to complete the Divine Fragmentation. While many assumed this was tied to the raid, some Reddit users discovered that it’s actually linked to various Lost Sectors on Nessus. However, this isn’t about completing the Lost Sector, but hacking Oracles hidden within. Here’s how to complete the Divine Fragmentation for the Divinity quest in Destiny 2.

1. Conflux – Nessus

The first oracle is located in the Conflux Lost Sector on Nessus. Go to The Cistern and enter the only Lost Sector in this area. Once inside, you’ll see three ascending platforms that look like a large staircase on the right. In the little side room, you’ll find the oracle in the corner. Hacking it will alert and summon some Vex. Killing all of them will let you access the terminal, gaining you 33% progress to your Divine Fragmentation.

2. The Orrey – Nessus

You can find the next oracle in The Orrey Lost Sector at Artifact’s Edge. Inside there are a ton of Vex so clear them out. After you’ve swept the room of foes, look up to your left. You’ll see a small stone ledge with a tiny door that leads to a hidden area. Inside you’ll find the oracle. Repeat the process of hacking it and kill the Vex that spawn to complete this section.

Ancient Haunt – Nessus

Finally, spawn at the Watcher’s Grave and head to the Ancient Haunt Lost Sector in The Tangle. When inside the Lost Sector, follow the path, killing any Vex that stand in your way. You will find the oracle on the ground floor in a cave on the left. Investigating this will give you the last 33% towards this quest step. Remember, you don’t need to complete the Lost Sector to gain any percentage towards this mission.

After finding all three Lost Sectors you’ll be tasked with collection 120 Decryption Core Fragments. These are obtained by killing Vex in the Vex Offensive activity that’s launched from the Moon’s map.

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