Turffield Treasure Riddle for Pokemon Sword & Shield

turffield treasure

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

In Turffield, the first town in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield with a Gym, there’s a secret treasure hidden somewhere.

To find it, you need to solve a cryptic riddle. Here’s how to solve the puzzle and get Turffield’s treasure.

First, talk to the little girl at the entrance before the giant glyph. Sonia’s Yamper will lead you there when you first enter Turrfield. When you talk to her, you get the following riddle:

“Seek yourself three standing stones, with Grass before the other ones. Use well that strength, and find then the strength of its strength in the end. Dally not, if you’ve a mind to find what time has left behind.”

What you’re supposed to do is interact with three different stone structures in the correct order. Each of the stone structures represents grass, water and fire. You’ll know that by interacting with each one (press the A button to interact with things).

The riddle said to start with grass before the other ones. Then it tells you to find the strength of its strength, which means you need to head to the water structure since grass is strong against water. Then that just leaves fire.

First, interact with the stone structure for grass past the flower shop to the left of the Gym. It’s the one with three pillars with a row of stone on top.

turffield riddle

Screenshot by Jack FennimoreThe stone structure for grass

Head back to the crossroads south of the little girl and head west. You’ll find a the stone structure for water, which looks similar to the one for grass but with part of the stone row at the top missing. Interact with this structure.

pokemon turffield

Screenshot by Jack FennimoreThe stone structure for water

Then head to the east past the Pokemon Center and just before the bridge leading to Route 5. You’ll see a structure that’s one big stone slab with a cross hatch pattern on it. This is the stone structure for fire. Interact with it to get the treasure.

pokemon expert belt

Screenshot by Jack FennimoreThe stone structure for fire

The video below will show you the structures and the correct order to interact with them:

The treasure is a held item known as the Expert Belt, which slightly boosts the power of your Pokemon’s moves that hit for super effective damage. This held item is useful for Pokemon with a mixed set of attacks of different types.

If you interacted with each structure and didn’t get the treasure, you may have accidentally interacted with one of the structures more than once. Head back to the grass structure and start all over if that happens.

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