How to Connect Pokeball Plus with Pokemon Sword & Shield

how to connect pokeball plus


As confirmed during the E3 Nintendo Direct for 2019, you can use the Pokeball Plus with Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield.

The device will let you bring a Pokemon from the game into the device so you can stroll around with it and earn different rewards. You’ll also be able to transfer Mew to your game if you link a new Pokeball Plus. However, unlike with Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee, where the device was first introduced, you can’t use the Pokeball Plus as a controller.

Now that Sword & Shield has finally released, here’s how to connect the Pokeball Plus with the game.

How to Connect Pokeball Plus with Pokemon Sword & Shield

Go into the menu by pressing X and then select “Mystery Gift.” Select “Take a Stroll with Poke Ball Plus.” The game will instruct you to press the top button or the control stick on the Pokeball Plus and wait until it connects with the game. After that, select a Pokemon in your box storage to take a stroll with.

The game might say that the Pokeball Plus contains results from another player taking their Pokemon for a stroll, and that taking your Pokemon on a stroll will delete those results.

How to Get Mew from the Pokeball Plus into Sword & Shield

If you connect a brand new Pokeball Plus, the game will alert you that Mew is in the device and will ask you if you want it. Select “Yes” to get Mew into your party .

If you already transferred a Mew from the Pokeball Plus to Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee, you cannot transfer a Mew to Sword & Shield with the same Pokeball Plus. That’s why it’s a bad idea to buy a used Pokeball Plus.

According to YouTuber PDWinnall, if the Pokeball Plus runs out of battery while transferring Mew to your game, Mew will be deleted. Make sure to fully charge your Pokeball Plus before you transfer the Pokemon. According to Nintendo’s customer support website, it takes about three hours to fully charge the Pokeball Plus.

Here are some other FAQs you might find useful:

What do I get from taking my Pokemon on a stroll?

Your Pokemon will collect various items while strolling. Unlike Let’s Go, your Pokemon won’t gain experience points according to YouTuber Austin John Plays.

They way you collect items is by collecting points by doing certain actions, according to Serebii. You can, for instance, play with the Pokemon in the Pokeball Plus by pushing down on the control stick for two seconds to put it in play mode. Then you can shake the device gently or rotate the control stick to earn points. The Pokemon can also cry out to you, and you can respond to that by pressing the top button. You also get points for every step walked.

You can earn the following items while using the Pokeball Plus while taking a Pokemon out on a stroll, according to Serebii: Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Star Piece and Rare Candy.

Can I use the Pokeball Plus to play Pokemon GO while a Pokemon from Sword & Shield is taking a stroll in it?

Yes, you can! Just like with Pokemon: Let’s Go, you can take a Pokemon from Sword & Shield with you on a stroll and connect the Pokeball Plus to Pokemon GO and use it as a Pokemon Go Plus device. In fact, according to Serebii, you’ll also earn points for using the Pokeball Plus to catch Pokemon in Pokemon GO which will go toward the points you earn for a stroll which will grant you items.

Can I use the Pokeball Plus to transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee to Sword & Shield

According to Austin John Plays, you cannot do that. If you take a Pokemon on a stroll from Let’s Go, you can’t return from the stroll in Sword & Shield.

Can I still use Pokeball Plus with Pokemon GO and Let’s Go after using it with Sword & Shield?

Of course! Just do all the necessary procedures to connect with those games after you’re done playing Sword & Shield.

For more information on how to use the Pokeball Plus with Pokemon GO and Let’s Go, click here.

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