How to Get the Lord of Wolves Catalyst in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Lord of Wolves Catalyst

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn has finally arrived, so that means its time to hunt for some new Exotic Catalysts. This time the infamous Lord of Wolves and underappreciated Black Talon got catalysts. The former is a shotgun originally introduced in the first Destiny before it returned in the Forsaken expansion. While the gun initially flew under the radar, a few buffs pushed this weapon into the light. Swiftly the Lord of Wolves became the go-to shotgun for Crucible thanks to its insane range and power. Before its nerf the weapon even got its own emblem to commemorate its ridiculous power.

For those seeking the Lord of Wolves catalyst, it can be obtained by playing and completing Crucible matches. A random drop awarded at the end of games, all you need to do is keep playing Crucible until it drops. This is completely RNG, so it may take one match or one hundred before it arrives. If you want to grind for this catalyst consider waiting until Mayhem or the Scorch Cannon PvP mode is live. After you obtain this catalyst you will need to kill 500 enemies with it to complete this quest. It doesn’t matter if these are PvE or PvP foes, so we suggest just killing low-level foes.

The catalyst itself has a dual function depending on if the Release the Wolves perk is active. If the perk is triggered than your reload speed is increased. Inversely, if this ability is not live then you will have increased stability for the weapon. This gives the Lord of Wolves some nice flexibility in combat, allowing you to take down moving foes easier. Even though it won’t push the Lord of Wolves back to the top of PvP shotguns, it’s definitely worth acquiring if you like this weapon.

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