How to Get the Lantern of Osiris Artifact in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Lantern of Osiris Artifact

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn has arrived, so it’s time to start experimenting with the new artifact – the Lantern of Osiris. This is the latest seasonal artifact that will not only increase your Light over time but offer a plethora of mods for players to use. Unlike the Season of the Undying, this artifact is actually not tied to reaching a specific rank in the Season Pass. Instead, you will need to complete a quest tied to the new season.

1. Visit Ikora and Osiris

Called “A Matter of Time” you will need to finish this mission in order to unlock the Lantern of Osiris artifact. Unlike the previous season, this artifact is not tied to the Season Pass so you can unlock it right as you begin your Season of Dawn journey. When you load the game, head to The Tower and speak to Ikora to start the quest. This will give you the “A Disturbance on Mercury” mission step, so leave The Tower and head towards that planet.

Open up your map and access the Mercury Destination menu. You will find Osiris’s location in the Sundial Spire node above the main map. This is a fairly easy quest that will task you with meeting Osiris by his Sundial at the top of the stairs. Fight your way to him and then speak to the Warlock to earn the Recovery Operation quest step.

2. Earn Sundial Components by Killing Cabal

Your next step has you journeying to the Tangled Shore to kill Cabal and recover Sundial Components. You will need to obtain 50 of them, which may sound like a lot but you can ease the burden by using Solar weapons and abilities. Killing a Cabal with a Solar ability or weapon will award you 3 Sundial Components, while a kill with anything else just gives you one. Go to Lost Sector in Four-Hour Gultch and farm and Cabal inside until you complete this step.

Now head to the Thieves’ Landing landing zone and bank the motes in the machine to the right of where you spawn. This will complete this step and progress the quest.

3. Get Super Kills or Grab Orbs of Light

For this step, you will need to kill enemies with your Super or pick up Orbs of Light. You don’t need a ton of kills, so head to the Kingship Dock Lost Sector in Thieves’ Landing. Equip a Masterworked weapon and begin farming enemies for Orbs. It should only take you about two runs to reach 100% progress, even less if you use a great mob clearing Super like Nova Warp. Once you complete this step, head back to the machine by the landing zone and bank your Light.

This will unlock the Sundial vendor stand there and ask you to go back to Osiris on Mercury. Make sure to interact with the machine on the Tangled Shore before you visit Osiris!

4. Complete The Sundial

The final major step tasks you and five other players with completing a run of The Sundial. Acting as a mix of The Vex Offensive and Menagerie, players will travel through time and complete various encounters. These range from throwing charges to call down a death beam on a Cabal boss to depositing arc charges obtained from dead enemies. It’s impossible to fail, so once you reach the end and kill the final boss you will be asked to return to Osiris.

Speaking with Osiris one last time will award you the Lantern of Osiris artifact and one mod point. We strongly recommend grabbing the Anti-Barrier Ranger since it works with all bows, scout rifles, and pulse rifles.

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