Virizion Max CP & Stats in Pokemon GO

virizion max cp


The Legendary Pokemon Virizion will appear in Raid Battles in Pokemon GO from now until January 7, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. PST, according to Niantic.

Once you manage to catch Virizion, you may be wondering what it’s Max CP and stats are. Well look no further. Here’s Virizion’s Max CP and stats in Pokemon GO. Is it worth powering up? Read on to find out.

Note: Stats are from GamePress.

Max CP at Level 40: 3,022
Lowest CP at Level 40: 2,623

Max CP at Level 20: 1,727
Lowest CP at Level 20: 1,499

Attack: 192
Defense: 229
Stamina: 209

Type: Fighting & Grass

Quick Moves: Quick Attack, Zen Headbutt
Charge Moves: Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Stone Edge

Virizion is resistant to dark-, electric-, grass-, ground-, rock- and water-type moves and weak to fairy-, fire-, flying-, ice-, poison- and psychic-type moves. Notably, it has a double weakness to flying-type moves.

Virizion is definitely not worth powering up. In fact, it’s the weakest of the trio of it, Cobalion and Terrakion. Terrakion has a fantastic movepool with excellent stats to back it up. Cobalion has the same lackluster stats as Virizion but at least it has a somewhat decent movepool. Virizion doesn’t even have Quick Move that’s the same type as it. It’s Charge Moves fare better with Leaf Blade being a great move and Stone Edge covering for Virizion’s weaknesses, but without the backbone of the Quick Moves they’re significantly hampered. Add to that a big number of debilitating weaknesses and you have one disappointing Legendary Pokemon.

If you want a strong grass-type Pokemon, then use Roserade with Razor Leaf and Grass Knot. For a strong fighting-type, use Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch. If you really want a fighting- and grass-type Pokemon, use Breloom with Counter and Seed Bomb/Grass Knot + Dynamic Punch. Then just leave Virizion behind.

In other Pokemon GO news, Lugia and Ho-Oh will return to Raid Battles for a Special Raid Weekend from December 20 to 23 according to a blog post from Niantic.

The Pokemon GO Holidays 2019 event will go live from December 24 at 12:00 a.m. to January 1, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. in your local time zone. During that time, select Pokemon will appear in holiday costumes, event-exclusive Field Research tasks will be on offer, and Delibird will be available from Team GO Rocket members as a Shadow Pokemon. In addition, ice-type Pokemon from the Unova region will make their debut in Pokemon GO. Cubchoo will be available in the wild while Cryogonal will appear in the wild if a Glacial Lure Module is used.

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