New Apex Legends Animated Trailer Ends With a Surprise

Apex Legends Animated Trailer Revenant

A new animated trailer for Apex Legends’ fourth season dropped today and it revolved around introducing the newest upcoming legend, Forge. Or is it? You’ll see what we mean shortly. Previously revealed during the Season 4 announcement live stream, Forge is described as the complete opposite of Octane. Yet, many fans were left confused at this character’s introduction, as there had been a plethora of leaks and data mines around a legend named Revenant.

You can watch the new Apex Legends animated short “Up Close and Personal” below:

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – Up Close and PersonalJames “The Forge” McCormick earned his way into the Apex Games by way of the Hyper-Fighting Federation. With his charm, looks, and signature shiny medallion, he’s been hailed as the “People’s Champion.” While some think he’s not ready for the Games, Jimmy’s confident his industrial-mining Shatter Gauntlets will crush any doubts. And with the full…2020-01-27T17:59:56.000Z

Well, fans were in for a surprise at the end of this animated short. During his discussion about his career, the sneaky assassin Revenant slips behind him and kills him on camera. It’s a shocking way to confirm a new hero, especially one that community thought got sidelined for Forge.

Outside of a few small teases, this is the first time we got to see Revenant in action. However, this trailer also leaves us with so many more questions. Does this mean Forge is gone? Are there two legends coming in Season 4 or just Revenant? Has Respawn Entertainment just been leading the community on for the past couple of weeks?

It’s a bold move and one that could certainly pay off. We reached out to Respawn Entertainment to see if we could get direct confirmation of Revenant coming to Season 4 and what this means for Forge. Unfortunately, they would not disclose any further information about these two characters. But the future of Forge isn’t looking so hot, especially since he has a huge hole in his chest.

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