Soulcalibur VI: Haohmaru Gameplay Reveal Trailer

The soul still burns brightly within Soulcalibur VI thanks to its two seasons of character DLC. The weapons fighter’s second season is still underway – the very first piece of DLC to come from it was the welcome return of Soulcalibur IV’s spear and sword wielder, Hilde. All this time, it was known that a special guest combatant was given the honor of doing battle with the game’s growing roster – Samurai Shodown’s lovable poster boy, Haohmaru. It may have taken quite a while to finally see him in action, but his gameplay trailer has finally arrived.

Like Geese Howard from Tekken 7, Haohmaru brings with him a number of signature special moves that evoke his 2D animations from Samurai Shodown. He’s capable of sending out mini twisters as a projectile and landing his recognizable super move that results in a series of upward sword strikes tearing into the enemy in front of him. In a cool nod to a well-known Samurai Shodown battle mechanic, Haohmaru can use a deflection maneuver to throw his opponent off guard (this move doesn’t disarm the opponent in Soulcalibur VI, however). Haohmaru and Mitsurugi can be seen duking it out like the natural rivals they were destined to be within the confines of Haohmaru’s own battle arena.

No solid release date for Haohmauru was announced, but we do know that he’s arriving sometime this spring. In more Samurai Shodown related news, the 2019 reboot has unveiled two more of its Season 2 characters – Sogetsu Kazama and Iroha. They’ll be joining the already revealed roster inclusion of Mina Majikina and a still-unannounced character. You can check out these new characters in action in the trailer posted above.

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