When Does BB-8 & B-9E Release in Star Wars Battlefront 2? (Updated!)

Battlefront 2 BB8 Release Date

With the Rise of Skywalker update now live, Star Wars Battlefront 2 players are diving into the new map and using the various reinforcements for both sides of the sequel faction. However, this isn’t all of The Rise of Skywalker content scheduled to release. In a blog post, developer DICE explains that two new heroes along with more Capital Supremacy maps are on the way. This will mark the first time that an era other than The Clone Wars obtains this mode.

Update 1/31/2020

While it took a little longer than expected, BB-8 and B-9E will officially be coming to Battlefront 2 on Monday, February 3. Both of these heroes will be available for players to use and serve as the first, true support heroes in the game. Along with a release date, we also got information on their various abilities and STAR Cards. All of their abilities will be passive, which makes them some of the simplest heroes to use.

Here’s a quick look at their skills and STAR Cards:

BB-8 Abilities

Technical Support

  • BB-8 will count as two units when capturing a Command Post, and activating an objective device is much faster.

Swift Reaction

  • BB-8 increases the cooldown speed of nearby friendly character’s abilities.

Health on Kill

  • Upon defeating an opponent, BB-8 will receive some health back.

BB-8 STAR Cards

Self Repairs

  • BB-8’s maximum health regeneration is increased.

Spared Batteries

  • Every trooper defeated or 200 damage to villains increases Shock Prod damage.

Shielded Roll

  • BB-8 takes less damage while using Rolling Charge.


  • BB-8 deals more damage when hitting an enemy with Rolling Charge.


  • When hitting multiple enemies with Cable Spin, the next cooldown of the ability is reduced.


  • Both the damage and area of effect of Cable Spin is increased.


  • Enemies revealed by Resistance Backing will take extra damage from attacks.

Trusty Droid

  • When BB-8 defeats an opponent that was revealed by Resistance Backing, he will heal nearby friendly characters.

Roll Together

  • The increased cooldown speed of BB-8 is improved.

B-95 Abilities

Technical Support

  • BB-9E will count as two units when capturing a Command Post and activating an objective device is much faster.

Bacta Support

  • BB-9E periodically regenerates the main health of friendly characters around him.

Health on Kill

  • Upon defeating an opponent, BB-9E will receive some health back.

B-9E STAR Cards

Full Reconstruction

  • BB-9E’s maximum health regeneration is increased.

Linked Systems

  • Every 200 health healed to friendly characters reduces the shock prod stun cooldown.

Hearty Exhaust

  • The radius of smoke screen is increased.

I See You

  • Enemies revealed by Smoke Screen will be revealed for longer.

Faster, Faster!

  • If shock spin hits enough targets, its damage will be doubled for the remaining time.

Spin me Round

  • Enemies hit by Shock Spin will be pushed further away, but its cooldown is increased.

Swift Power

  • The cooldown of Charge Up is reduced.


  • The radius of Charge Up is increased.

Potent Bacta

  • The radius of Bacta Support is bigger, but the cooldown between heals is also increased.

Original Article

Currently, we only know that BB-8, B-9E, and the Capital Supremacy update will be coming in January. There has been nor formal release date or even mention of it on Twitter by DICE, so we suspect this won’t launch until the end of the month. Once a full release date is announced we will update this post. Looking back at the previous content, most it went live near the very end or beginning of that month.

Unless DICE releases the new update tomorrow, we expect the new Battlefront 2 DLC to go live at the end of January. Unfortunately, we don’t know what BB-8 does outside of his general role on the battlefield. Described as a support unit, this fast-moving hero will most likely provide buffs and gadgets to aid your teammates. Whether this is good enough to replace heroes like Darth Maul, Anakin, or Kylo Ren is still unknown.

Make sure to check back with us once more info on this adorable astromech droid is unveiled.

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