Dying Light 2 Gets Delayed, No Release Date Revealed

Dying Light 2 Delayed

In what seems like an entire month dedicated to video games getting pushed back, Dying Light 2 is the newest title to become delayed. Announced this morning via Twitter, developer Techland revealed they will not be hitting the Spring 2020 release window. In their announcement, it’s revealed that the Techland team simply needs more time developing the game. We aren’t sure what state Dying Light 2 is in now, so it’s difficult to speculate when Techland plans to launch this zombie-filled adventure game.

Dying Light 2 joins an ever-growing list of delayed games including Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, and Iron Man VR. For the unfamiliar, Dying Light is an action/adventure game that has players parkouring through a massive city filled with zombies and various factions. Techland has been boasting the importance of player choice, with our actions affecting how the game world develops. It’s an ambitious sequel that seeks to take the Dying Light framework and drastically expand upon it.

Here’s the full statement from Techland CEO Paweł Marchewka about the delay:

We also know that Dying Light 2 is set to release on the Xbox Series X and PS5, however, it’s unknown if this is going to be a launch title. Prior to this announcement, the last major news we received was way back in August via a lengthy gameplay demo. Since then, there has been no news around Techland’s title until today. Unfortunately, all players can do now is simply wait and see when Dying Light 2’s new release date is revealed.

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