These Are the Best Weapons in Apex Legends Season 4

Apex Legends Season 4 Best Weapons

Apex Legends’ Season 4  brought a ton of new changes to a variety of weapons. Along with the Sentinel sniper rifle, developer Respawn Entertainment made numerous changes to different guns. Along with a new legend and alterations to the map, it’s time to revaluate what are the best firearms in the game. When deciding upon our list, we considered not only the weapon’s killing power but its use in the current meta.

Additionally, just because a weapon didn’t make our list doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice. Almost all the firearms in Apex Legends are deadly, however, some are simply better at toppling legends than others. We will also not be including any Care Package weapons since they are all superb and are inconsistent to obtain.

Assault Rifles

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Of all the assault rifles, the Flatline is probably the most well-rounded weapon. At 19 damage a body shot, a single clip of Flatline can kill an opponent through a Level 3 Body Shield. Its vertical recoil pattern makes it far easier to control, allowing you to stay on target while moving. Adding any magazine modifiers only increases its killing potential, allowing you to potentially kill two targets with one clip. Plus, you can use the Anvil Receiver Hop-Up to increase your semi-auto damage from 19 to 43.


With the removal of the Turbocharger Hop-Up the Havoc received a reduction in horizontal recoil. This makes it insanely stable, allowing users to pick people off from remarkable distances even in Full Auto mode. At 18 damage a body shot, the Havoc can potentially deal 576 total damage in its 32 round clip. This is more than enough to decimate someone’s armor and their health bar without reloading. With the Select Fire Hop-Up, the Havoc can hit for 60 damage on a body shot, allowing you to harass teams from a distance. Witha superb full auto and single fire mode, the Havoc is one of the most versatile weapons in the game.


A popular choice since the game launched, the R-301 is a solid auto-rifle that is a little dependant on getting attachments. The base 18 round magazine is enough to kill someone through a Level 3 Body Shield, but that requires hitting every shot. Adding an Extended Light Mag and Barrel Stabilizer turns the R-301 from a mediocre assault rifle, into one of the best in Apex Legends. Plus, there’s a single fire mode that allows you to fight enemies from afar. If you pick up this gun, make sure to prioritize grabbing an extended mag and other attachments.

Submachine Guns

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Despite losing a single point of damage per bullet, the R-99 is still an insanely powerful weapon. This is thanks to the bump in magazine size for the base, Level 1, and Level 2, the R-99 can shred through foes at close range. However, like the R-301, the R-99 is very dependant on getting an Extended Magazine attachment. Without it, the gun is capable of doing 207 damage, but that is if every bullet hits your target and none of them are headshots. But thanks to an abundance of ammo and predictable recoil patterns, the R-99 is still a superb choice for anyone looking to fight up close.


Firing in five-round bursts, the Prowler is a remarkably accurate SMG. Capable of quickly dispatching a foe, a single clip deals a total of 300 damage. Adding on the Select Fire Hop-Up propels the Prowler as one of the best weapons in the entire game. If you can manage the very strong vertical recoil, then it’s possible to mow down a foe before they can even react. This is also a weapon that doesn’t heavily rely on an Extended Magazine attachment, which makes it an ideal early game choice.

Shotguns, LMGs, & Pistols

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Surprising absolutely no one, the Peacekeeper still reigns supreme over all other shotguns. This lever-action shotgun is capable of annihilating enemies with just a few well-placed shots. If every pellet connects, the Peacekeeper can do a maximum of 110 damage without landing a critical hit. Even though its rate of fire isn’t the best, the Peacekeeper’s raw killing potential is unmatched by most close-range weapons. Add on the Precision Choke Hop-Up to turn this into a railgun, letting you land that 110 damage shot from over 50 meters away. Just keep in mind, you’ll typically hit an average between 60-100 damage per shot, so don’t rely on that consistent “two tap.”


The biggest problem with the L-Star as a Care Package weapon was a lack of ammo. Now that it’s a normal drop, the L-Star is a consistent, deadly threat. Considered by many to be the best weapon of Season 4, the L-Star will tear apart anyone foolish enough to step in front of you. At 18 damage a bullet, this LMG can do 450 damage before it overheats. This is a lot of killing power, especially for a weapon that doesn’t need to reload. So long as you manage the overheat mechanic, this is almost always a consistent choice for close to mid-range fights.


Who doesn’t love the Wingman? This hard-hitting revolver is the only pistol that is end-match viable. Hitting for 45 a body and 94 in the head, the Wingman is perfect for those with terrific accuracy. Acting as a great follow-up weapon in a battle, the Wingman is also scary accurate from a distance. If you land all 5 base shots you’ll deal 225, which is more than enough to kill any enemy. There’s a reason this gun is constantly seen in competitive play.

Sniper Rifles

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I know everyone is so excited about the Sentinel, but the Longbow is still the more consistent sniper rifle. Unless you are scary accurate with the Sentinel, then the Longbow is simply a better long-range choice. Both rifles deal similar damage, but the Longbow’s faster fire rate allows for more missed shots. Adding on a scope turns this sniper into one of the most threatening long-range weapons in Apex Legends.

Triple Take

One of the most infamous weapons, the Triple Take is a sniper rifle for those who aren’t that accurate. Firing 3 rounds at a time, this rifle hits for 69 damage if all three bullets strike their target. However, at long range, this is typically not possible since the rounds have a noticeable spread. Instead, think of the Triple Take as a harassment weapon, since you can constantly apply pressure to enemies. While it may be the least skill-intensive sniper in Apex Legends, that doesn’t disqualify it from being one of the best.

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