Trials of Osiris Returns in Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Trials of Osiris

After donating over 9 billion Polarized Fractaline, the Destiny 2 community has unlocked the first trailer for Season 10. Dubbed Season of the Worthy, this batch of content finally brings back the long-awaited Trials of Osiris. One of the most requested modes since Forsaken launched over a year ago, players have long been speculating this activity’s return during Season of Dawn. Now with beacon lit, developer Bungie has rewarded the community with a trailer revolving around the upcoming PvP mode.

Check out the Trials of Osiris ViDoc below!

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Along with the new mode, the original Trials of Osiris armor is also making a return. This Egyptian-themed gear is considered by many to be some of the coolest looking items in the original Destiny. This time around, the armor will glow when you go Flawless, letting everyone know that you finished the title card that week. Additionally, the maps Anomaly, Exodus Blue, and Cauldron will all return. No further information was given about this upcoming season and what players can expect.

One potentially controversial aspect of Trials is the enabling of Power. While the details remain unknown, the ViDoc does mention that Light level will be taken into consideration. Given how vocal the community has been about this feature in Iron Banner, we can only hope it’s not as oppressive as Lord Saladin’s activity.

Following the trailer’s announcement, players who arrive at The Tower will be able to light the obelisk in the center triggering a cutscene. Doing so also completes the Torch-Bearer triumph which is needed to earn the Savior title. This 3v3 mode could be the shot in the arm that Destiny 2’s PvP has desperately needed.

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