How to Unlock the Empyrean Foundation in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Unlock Empyrean Foundation

The last major piece of content for Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn has just released. Called the Empyrean Foundation, this community activity revolves around donating massive amounts of Fractaline to hit various goals. However, you won’t be able to spend all that Fractaline right away, as there’s a minor quest you have to complete first. This shouldn’t take a lot of time and can be completed without a pre-made fireteam.

  1. 1. Kill Inotam in The Sundial

To acquire this quest you will need to head to The Tower and speak to Saint-14. He will give you a new quest that asks you to go into The Sundial and kill the new boss, Inotam. You don’t need to do anything different in this run. The only change is that Inotam will be the final boss and not one of the three elemental psions. Inotam is fairly straightforward, as her boss fight uses almost all the elements of the main Sundial encounters.

2. Collect 30 Orbs of Light

Once she is dead, you’ll be tasked with picking up 30 Orbs of Light. To do this quickly, throw on a Masterwork weapon and go farm enemies. Remember, if your Super is full to use it so you can grab more Orbs of Light. We recommend going to the Kingship Dock Lost Sector in the Tangled Shore since you can easily get 10-12 orbs a run. Alternatively, you could just play activities like Blind Well, Escalation Protocol, or The Sundial.

3. Insert the Light into The Tower Obelisk

Now that you’ve collected a ton of Light, you will need to go deposit it all in The Tower Obelisk. Fly there, approach the Obelisk right in front of you, and hit the Interact button to finish this step of the quest. You will obtain some Polarized Fractaline based on the Resonance Power of your Tower Obelisk. For example, if your Resonance Power is 6,000, you will obtain 6,000 free Fractaline each reset.

You can raise this Resonance Power, but spending Fractaline at one of the four Obelisks found on Mars, EDZ, The Tangled Shore, or Nessus. We recommend doing this instead of donating, so you will have more Fractaline to contribute as the season draws to a close.

4. Visit Osiris on Mercury

Finally, leave The Tower and go visit Osiris on Mercury in his Sundial. You will get one last dialogue exchange with him which we won’t spoil here. Don’t expect any additional rewards or hidden Exotics, this talk is the last step of the quest. Now go out there and start collecting Polarized Fractaline Guardian!

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