Where to Find Siegebreaker Assault Beast in Diablo 3 Season 20


It’s time for Diablo 3 Season 20, which also means there’s a brand-new Seasonal Journey that players will have to complete.

Not only is this journey an essential way to level up your new character, but it also gives players a concrete set of goals to work towards, which is never a bad thing in an open-ended game such as this.

One part of this journey requires players to track down the Siegebreaker Assault Beast, who is actually listed on the map, like the more major bosses are. However, he can be tough to track down for newer players who might not know where to find this fearsome foe.

Luckily, we have you covered. Read on to figure out exactly where to find the Siegebreaker Assault Beast.

Siegebreaker Assault Beast Location

diablo 3 kanai's cube location

BlizzardPlayers will need to travel to Rakkis Crossing.

Players will want to make their way to Act 3 to find this enemy, which means they should be using the Adventure mode since all of the acts would be opened up immediately through that route.

He can be found in the Edge of the Abyss area, but players will quickly notice there isn’t actually a waypoint to this spot. Instead, they’ll have to travel to Rakkis Crossing and find the entrance to the location there. The game doesn’t necessarily make this clear, so we can’t blame players too much for being confused.

Eventually, they’ll come across a portal that leads to this beast. Take note that if you’re not properly geared or leveled, he can actually be quite difficult to take out.

If you are having issues, perhaps lower the difficulty, unless you’re specifically doing this for the Seasonal Journey. Whatever the case may be, just make sure you’re adequately prepared and this boss should be a breeze.

It might be worth getting an instance where defeating this boss is actually part of a bounty as that will not only help you level, but you’ll be able to knock out two birds with one stone.

Diablo 3 Season 20 is live now on all platforms.

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