How to Get the Materia on the Collapsed Passageway in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

FF7 Remake Collapsed Passageway

Square Enix

Once you reach Chapter 6 (Light the Way) of Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll have to venture across several platforms and reroute power to a few switches by turning off massive Sun Lamps. During one sequence, you’ll attempt to walk across some wooden boards and retrieve a blue Materia. Sadly, those boards fall apart and block you from picking up your prize. This moment opens up a new side mission by the name of Discovery – Collapsed Passageway.

Now in order to get your hands on that sweet piece of Materia, just continue completing your main goal of powering off three Sun Lamps. Once you’ve finally taken a ride over to the third and final Sun Lamp, get off the moving platform and run past the big crates in front of you. Look to your right and you’ll spot a chest nearby. Collect whatever’s inside that chest, then take the ladder to the left of that chest to the bottom. After that, keep moving until you enter a battle with some troublesome vermin.

After they’ve been vanquished, click on the switch and maneuver the platform down until it lines up perfectly. Then proceed to move across that platform, keep moving around that area and you’ll eventually come upon the main location of the blue orb of Elemental Materia. There’s also another piece of Materia you’ll want to recover from this section, by the way. Make your way back to the moving platform’s switch and push it all the way to the bottom. Once you’ve done that, the purple Materia will be ripe for the picking. This newly discovered piece of Materia is labeled as MP Up Materia.

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