How to Wear Pro Designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wear Pro Designs

Personalization is at the heart of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Whether it’s through the carefully planned layout of your island or your Villager’s fashion sense, this is a game where creativity shines through. So unsurprisingly, the ability to craft your own clothes has become a big aspect of New Horizons. All across the globe, users are making and sharing their own outfits for others to wear and enjoy. However, applying these Pro Designs isn’t exactly clear since the game is fairly vague about this feature.

How to Unlock Pro Designs

You’ll unlock the ability to wear Pro Designs after the Able sisters set up a shop in your town. This is done by visiting their stand multiple times until they eventually decide to move to the island. For me it took around 5-6 daily visits for them to agree to set up a store, allowing me access to Pro Designs. Thankfully, you won’t need to harvest any materials for this store, so just wait a day for the construction to finish.

How to Wear Pro Designs

Once you have access to the shop, go to the kiosk in the back and interact with it. This will let you input either a Creator or Design ID for a specific piece of clothes. IGN has been doing a terrific job collecting a variety of fantastic custom outfits, so make sure to visit there if you’re looking for something new to wear. After selecting the Pro Design you want, input the code and add it to your collection.

Now back out of the kiosk and open up your Nook Phone. Select the Custom Designs application (it’s pink with a shirt and pencil) to view your current collection of designs. Tap the right trigger to get to Pro Designs and then pick which outfit you want to wear. Your character will instantly throw your clothing of choice on, letting you show off your terrific fashion sense to the entire island.

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