Fortnite Doomsday Hatches Activate After Countdown Begins

fortnite doomsday event hatches

Epic Games What will happen to The Agency after all this?

After having the season extended for an entire month, the Fortnite Doomsday event is finally getting into gear and a countdown has officially appeared in the game that signals the conclusion of this event.

The end time in-game puts us on May 30, which would be before the start of the new season by a few days, so it’ll be interesting to see what Epic has in store for the remainder of the season.

While the countdown does signal something is on the way, the underwater hatches have perhaps provided us with our biggest clue of what to expect with Season 3.

The Hatches Are Active

If you’ve been paying attention to the water this season, you may have noticed these mysterious hatches around The Agency that, up to this point, never really did a whole lot.

Those who know Fortnite know that nothing is ever placed on the map by accident, so it was clear that these would play some sort of role going forward, it was just hard to tell exactly what that role was.

Fortnite leaker FortTory gave us a glimpse at what these hatches look like in a short video.

As of right now, they don’t appear to be doing a whole lot, but much can change in a matter of days.

What Happens When the Countdown Ends?

When this countdown concludes, we can likely expect to see some sort of live event that culminates with these hatches doing something.

This will be an exciting time since the previous season didn’t have an event, so this time there’s something to look forward to.

There have been a lot of hints about what the upcoming season holds for players, with many of the predictions centering around a water theme in some way.

That would mean Epic Games has to replace Deadpool and what better way to do that than with another superhero? Some leakers have suggested Aquaman could be the special Battle Pass skin for next season, which would be very cool to see.

No matter what the case is, we’ll find out what it is once June rolls around and Season 3 begins.

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