New Fortnite Car Punch Cards Leak Ahead of Release

fortnite cars punch card

Epic Games

Although we’re still waiting on cars to release in Fortnite, there’s been a trickle of information coming out lately about what we can expect by the time they finally arrive.

One new feature that was introduced in Fortnite Season 3 is punchcards, which is a system that rewards players for performing certain objectives during a match.

This can range from opening chests to harvesting materials, and it looks like Epic will be adding a few more of these cards to celebrate the release of cars.

It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to see Epic doing this, but let’s take a look and see what they have planned.

New Cars Punch Cards

In case you didn’t know, cars were originally thought to arrive on July 21, but strangely that date has come and gone without any fanfare.

A lot of additional info leaked about how the vehicles will work when they are eventually added, but Epic has said it’ll be a few more weeks until the cars actually arrive.

Fortnite leaker FireMonkey confirmed there were a bunch a Punch Cards found in the files of v13.30, likely ready to release once cars come around.

He says they will be more than likely awarded to players who drive their friends around, meaning the driver will actually get some credit for once. It’s possible there will be even more cards in the future, but it looks like this is what’s there for now.

So, When Are Cars Coming?

It’s pretty much anyone’s guess as to when cars will actually arrive, but the timing is going to be a bit curious.

It seems odd that Epic would add something into the season that was seen in the debut trailer so late, leading many to believe that the season could possibly be delayed.

That would obviously be the worst-case scenario for many players, but considering the two previous seasons have already had lengthy extensions, the writing might already be on the wall.

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