Fortnite Spaceship Could Point to Season 4 Space Theme

fortnite spaceship

Epic Games Space theme incoming?

One of the biggest parts of the most recent Fortnite update was the discovery of the secret spaceship that even featured a human inside of it.

For the time being, it’s hidden underneath a bunch of water, but we figure after a few more water drops, it will become available to explore.

We do know that there is a set of challenges that will come with this new discovery, so it really is a matter of if, not when.

YouTuber Ali-A came out with a video that explored the spaceship, and he even managed to come up with some discoveries of his own that could prove to be quite interesting going forward. Let’s take a look.

What’s The Deal With This Ship?

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If you actually look at the Battle Pass, there are a lot of skins and cosmetics that hint at space travel in some way, which is actually pretty interesting consider the initial Season 3 from Chapter 1 also had a similar theme.

There’s also a loading screen that features the same spaceship that is currently found on the map.

Ali-A points out that the Marauders are landing on the map in a similar pod as this spaceship, so it’s possible they could be tied into all of this in some way.

At the north part of the map, you can see the spaceship underwater and Ali-A openly wonders if this will tie into the larger scheme of things in the season.

Back to Space?

A space theme would actually make sense going forward, considering there seems to be a big focus on it this season.

Of course, there’s really no way to tell what direction things will go as we progress, but it’s clear this spaceship will have something to do with it.

There’s not much that Epic adds to the game that isn’t on purpose, so it’ll be fun to keep an eye on what comes out of this ship. The next water drop is set to take place on July 27, so we’ll see if it’s uncovered then.

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