Fortnite Cars Didn’t Come Out But More Details Did

fortnite cars leak

Epic Games

For much of the month, we were operating under the impression that cars would be releasing in Fortnite on July 21, but that day has arrived and cars are currently nowhere to be seen.

We not really sure why they didn’t appear, but it’s clear that Epic is still gearing up to release the cars at some part, but we now don’t have a concrete release date anymore.

As part of the v13.30 patch, although the cars didn’t release, plenty more information leaked about these cars that have us excited for their inevitable arrival. Here’s everything we’ve learned about the new cars in this new update.

More Car Stats

According to Fortnite leaker FortTory’s findings, being next to a car that is exploding will result in instant death as it dishes out 200 damage, which is the maximum amount of health you can have at any given time.

On top of that, it sounds like any environment that’s in the area will completely be blown away as a result of the car explosion.

We also received a long list of gas pump and gas can sounds you can listen to if you’re interested.

A long-known assumption is that the gas cans and pumps will be used to fill up the cars, meaning they won’t be able to zip around the map the whole match.

It’s not particularly interesting to listen to, but it does show that all of this stuff does seem like it’s ready to go, but for some reason, Epic doesn’t feel like enabling it yet.

When Will Cars Come?

According to another reliable Fortnite leaker, FireMonkey, the cars are ready to roll, it’s just a matter of Epic actually adding them into the game.

There’s a chance they could be waiting for another opportunity, perhaps when more of the water disappears from the map.

This means that perhaps the next update could be when the cars actually make their debut, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

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