Fortnite Golden Mushrooms Removed From Season 3

fortnite golden mushroom disabled

Epic Games

The world of Fortnite is always home to many secrets, and one of the best-kept ones of Season 3 is the extremely rare Golden Mushroom.

There was already less than a one percent chance that you’ll run into one in the wild, and it definitely didn’t help considering their spawn was completely underwater.

With the water level now dropping across Fortnite, the opportunity to find a mushroom was increasing, but it looks like Epic Games decided to make this already rare mushroom absolutely impossible to find.

As it turns out, the Golden Mushroom was completely disabled as the result of a hotfix, and there doesn’t appear to be any timetable for when it’ll return to the game.

Golden Mushrooms Disabled

Fortnite leaker HYPEX confirmed that the mushrooms have been disabled with a hotfix, perhaps in an effort to fix issues where they were impossible to pick up.

Of course, many players will likely not even notice a change since it was already extremely difficult to find one in the first place.

Perhaps this mushroom will be reenabled in a future update, but for the time being it is gone. Like the Mythic Goldfish before it, this would have been an excellent item to keep in your inventory at any given time.

What Does It Do?

This rare mushroom could be carried in stacks of three and when you eat one, it would instantly replenish 100 shield, effectively making it one of the best healing items in the game.

When you consider how fast you can consume a mushroom, all you need is a second to recover and you can get right back into a fight and possibly surprise your opponent with a bunch of extra health.

Obviously, we have no idea when the mushroom will return to the game, but we hope it’s sooner rather than later because this would definitely be a fun item to play around with.

It’s easy to shout about how overpowered the mushroom is, but we can safely say it’s counteracted by how rare it actually was. We’ll let you know when Epic decides to reenable it.

Fortnite Season 3 is out now on all platforms.

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