Fortnite Summer Legends Bundle Details Leak

fortnite summer legends

Epic Games

There were a lot of details to get excited about following the Fortnite v13.30 update.

This was the first patch to arrive in the game in a few weeks since Epic decided to take a week off, so that could explain why so many more things were datamined and leaked this time around.

A new set of challenges called the Ancient Astronaut challenges leaked, and it looks like the map will be getting a new visitor that we’ll likely have the opportunity to learn more about in the future.

However, perhaps the most important of all the things that leaked is the new naked Peely skin.

That’s right, there’s a new Peely skin in town and this one strips him of his peel and gives us a look at his raw banana form. Here’s how you can get your hands on him and few other skins.

It’s Part of the Summer Legends Bundle

Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi uploaded an image of Peely soaking up the rays along with a couple of other skins.

This entire set will make up Summer Legends bundle, but Peely is obviously the showstopper here. It looks like he’ll be getting two different styles even. One of them will be what you see in the image above while the other will a bit more naked.

Love him or hate him, it looks like Peely will be here to stay.

How to Get the Bundle

According to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, this special bundle will not be available for purchase with V-Bucks, but will instead have to be bought with some cold hard cash.

That’s not exactly a rare occurrence since we’ve seen bundles enter the shop like that before, with all of the Starter Packs cost actual money instead of V-Bucks.

It doesn’t seem like any of these skins will be sold individually, so if you want to get the new Peely or either of the two other skins, you’ll have to buy the entire bundle.

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