Epic Games Addresses Bugged Fortnite Supply Drops

fortnite supply drop bug

Epic Games

Anyone who has played Fortnite since it released knows it’s not a perfect game and usually has some sort of bug plaguing it.

Of course, many of these bugs are pretty harmless, but there are a few that will actually impact the way you play the game, and this Supply Drop issue is certainly one of them.

As we wait for the next update to arrive, we can see Epic Games already has their hands full with some bugs. They’ve already addressed a glitch regarding the unusable Chug Jug, and now they’ve tackled the bugged Supply Drops.

Some players are running into issues where they can’t open a drop if it lands in the water, but Epic cleared that up by saying it had to do with The Authority location rather than the water itself.

Epic Games Addresses Bug

Anyone having this issue with water drops? from FortNiteBR

Reddit user Chungubungus posted a short clip showing how it was incredibly difficult to open up a Supply Drop and thought it had to do with the water.

However, developer M_House_Epic confirmed the problem is with The Authority and the team is looking into it.

This isn’t related to water but instead The Authority,” he said. “Supply Drops at The Authority may at times not open after players search them, which is an issue we’re investigating. As a workaround, you can still open these Supply Drops by shooting the attached balloon.”

It’s at least reassuring that you can shoot the balloon and open up the drop that way.

When is the Fix?

With the exception of the workaround, there currently isn’t a set deadline for this fix to be implemented. It’s not nearly as annoying as the Chug Jug bug, but it’s still unfortunate to deal with this.

According to the Trello card, they are investigating the issue, but it currently isn’t labeled as something that will be arriving in the next update.

That’s not to say it won’t, but it’s just not confirmed. For the time being, we’ll have to keep on using the workaround.

Fortnite Season 3 is out now on all platforms.

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