5 Idle Tuber: Streamer Simulator Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Becoming a successful game streamer takes years of hard work and dedication.

In Idle Tuber: Streamer Simulator, that career path becomes a bit easier to handle since it all happens within the confines of a mobile game. You’ll be tasked with amassing insane amounts of views across various games, working with fellow Tubers to manage your streams, and upgrading your live streaming empire. We’ve been to the digital mountaintop in this addictive game numerous times and are ready to part with our sage wisdom for everyone else who’s now trying to do the same.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Idle Tuber: Streamer Simulator.


Idle Tuber Streamer Simulator

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• Once you’ve hopped into a brand new session of Idle Tuber: Streamer Simulator, there’s one task you should handle ASAP – completely fill up the meter tied to the “Go Viral!” views booster. You’ll always want to work with a full 24-hours of boosting assistance so that you’ll be able to reach higher amounts of gained views in a much quicker fashion. This same tip applies to your full sessions with events. Always give yourself an extra boost by watching all those video ads to help push your views up to astronomical levels. Whenever you log off and return, head straight to the views booster meter to fully refill it each and every time.

2. Try to Complete as Many Missions as Possible Before You Activate Your Level Up Progression

• The main path towards progression in this game is by completing all sorts of missions in order to fill your level up meter at the very top of the screen. Completing those tasks also unlocks all sorts of card packs full of worthwhile goods. It’s entirely possible to complete a bunch of missions and unlock the level up activation option a lot earlier than expected.

• Don’t restart your progress as soon as it becomes available, though – complete as many extra missions as you can in order to earn even more card pack rewards. Eventually, you’ll come upon a mission that has a win goal that’s clearly insurmountable. That’s the perfect time to level up and head to your next progress tier with the new cards and Tubers acquired from your extra mission completion efforts.

3. Save Your Super Likes and Cash for These Specific Purchases

• Getting your hands on Super Likes and Cash is pretty simple – completing missions, completely upgrading the rate of fans for each unlocked game, and opening your daily free pack usually rewards you with Super Likes. And tapping on floating briefcases and completing missions to earn new card packs will net you some extra cash.

• You should save your Super Likes for two particular purchases – Tubers upgrades and active rooms upgrades. As for what you should spend your cash on, always put it towards a card pack purchase within the shop. Save up as much cash as possible so you can get an epic card pack (acquiring 3600 cash for a legendary card pack is impossible without spending real money to purchase in-game cash, so avoid that option if you just want to keep playing the game for free). Don’t waste your Super Likes on daily deals and don’t waste your cash on time skips or Super Likes. Spending both currency types on nothing but upgrades is the best way to go.

4. Spend an Entire Gameplay Session Participating in an Event

• You should alternate between spending a whole gameplay session on the game’s main progression path and the special event that’s currently underway. That means you should spend an entire day playing the regular way, then use your next full gameplay session to make as much progress as possible within an event. The rewards you acquire from completing event goals and reaching progress milestones go towards your main game progress. So use an entire game session to push yourself towards an event progress reward or two before you decide to log off for the day.

5. Get Ready to Watch a Whole Lot of Video Ads

• If you’re only looking to play Idle Tuber without spending a single real-world dollar, then be prepared to watch a whole lot of video ads to get all the extra assistance you need. Like we mentioned in the first tip, watch every video there is to completely fill your views booster meter. When you return to the game after being away for a while, always watch a video ad to double your amount of earned offline views (keep your cash for more worthwhile purchases in this instance).

• Click on as any floating briefcases as you can to watch videos and earn extra cash. And click on any of those wandering Tubers on the street level to watch a vid or two to acquire a ton of extra views in mere seconds. Those extra views go a long way towards helping you hire an unlocked Tuber to work within one of your active rooms, by the way. Be sure to set the fans acquisition tab to max and add more fans to the rooms that have an active Tuber working inside of them – their automatic assistance nets you even more views over time and lets you focus on streaming within the rooms that need your manual input.

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